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FysioLogic Online

Virtual Computing offers Logic Data’s customers the opportunity to place their practice automation in the cloud. With FysioLogic Online, you have the same working environment at every branch, exchanging patient information between your branches has never been easier.

For a competitive price, we offer you a complete online workplace. You get unlimited storage and support from us. What’s more, we convert you to the cloud for free. With FysioLogic Online you get, among other things:

    • Extensive patient data, including COV check, retrieval of package coverage via, quick addition via BSN (BSN Zorg Keurmerk RB+)
    • Electronic agenda (use not mandatory
    • Care Mail
    • EPD for different disciplines, with different ambitions: from very simple to very extensive, links with LDF (KNGF) and LDK (Quality Mark for Physical Therapy), NIVEL Health Care Registrations
    • Purchasing online measuring instruments via PROMs Manager
    • Homework exercises via SmartFysio
    • Connections possible with other EPDs: FysioRoadmap and AbaKus: if you already worked with them, you can continue with them without data loss if you wish
    • Very good declaration system, with more than 500 internal controls and therefore very few errors and quick payment by health insurers
    • Full bookkeeping
    • Management information
    • Real helpdesk with expert people who don’t read lists, but really do their best to solve cases. Normal telephone rate, free callback service
    • Affordable for every practice, with an excellent price/performance ratio

You can request a sample package using the form below. We will send you a sample package as soon as possible.

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