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At Virtual Computing, we value customization. Every IT environment requires a different approach. With our years of experience we have encountered many different environments, which makes us confident that we can always come up with solutions. Do not hesitate to contact Virtual Computing with your questions. We are happy to help and think along with you.

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In order to help you as much as possible with your (ICT) questions, we have created a 24/7 support. Our help does not stop after 17:00 hours. We find it important that we can always help you. We also offer Remote Support. This way we can help you remotely but still be close by. We look at your screen from our office and immediately see what needs to be done to solve the problem. This prevents a lot of noise and works efficiently.

Working in the cloud

Working in the cloud at Virtual Computing is secure and accessible. With your online workplace you have quick access anywhere to all files and business software in the cloud. This results in flexibility for you and your colleagues. With an online workplace, you are no longer limited to one workstation. Ideal for company visits or working from home. Virtual Computing manages your systems so you are always up-to-date with your online workplace. Move your data, software and licenses to the cloud today. Because working alone in the office is a thing of the past, right? We offer our cloud workplace already for 30 euros per month.


Fast Internet has become an integral part of our digital environment. A faltering Internet connection causes calamities on a daily basis, causing performance to lag behind. To prevent this, we offer super fast business fiberglass up to 10Gbit per second. On top of that, we guarantee that with internet via Virtual Computing you will always be accessible under all circumstances.

For website optimizations, you've also come to the right place. With your website you would like to attract as many visitors as possible. In many cases, however, these do not come by chance. Our website optimizations contribute to higher visitor numbers, bringing you one step closer to your goal.


Online is increasingly taking over, there's no getting around that. Still call simply the most direct and fast form of communication. Even in most industries, telephony is still frequently used. That's why we offer fixed and fixed-mobile technology. Super convenient if you have a call center or just want to easily transfer phone calls within your company.


Many IT companies insist on it, and we too recognize the great importance of good security. The security of your digital environment is a top priority for us. Increasingly, we see that data on the Internet is not properly secured and hackers have free rein. We like to prevent this by offering the strictest possible security, so that your files and data always remain behind a digital lock and key.

ICT Management

Do you want to outsource your ICT and are looking for an ICT administrator? An administrator who takes great care of your company's ICT? Then Virtual Computing is the right partner for your company. Virtual Computing takes care of your ICT, so we stay ahead of calamities and security always comes first. Have you ever experienced a failure? Nowadays that makes working almost impossible. By outsourcing your ICT management to a professional party, you can prevent major disruptions. Our ICT management equals worry-free.

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Without any knowledge and experience, ICT work can lead to a headache. And that while a structured ICT environment within your organization is so important. Hiring an ICT employee can be a solution, but is often very expensive. In addition, it is doubtful whether one ICT employee can manage your online environment. So why not outsource to a professional team with a lot of experience in this sector? We act as your ICT team. This way you keep the focus on your work.

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Are you looking for professional ICT companies in the Eindhoven area? An ICT professionals with a lot of experience and knowledge in the sector? Contact Virtual Computing and discover the many, flexible possibilities of our services. Together with you we will dive into the online environment of your organization and start optimizing it. Our goal is to take work out of your hands and ensure that your ICT environment is secure and easy to use.

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