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Looking for the perfect cloud-based software for your dental practice? Discover how our advanced solution is designed specifically for oral care professionals. Streamline appointment management, securely store patient data or improve team communication, our dental software offers everything you need. Make your practice more efficient while providing exceptional care. Switch today and experience the difference.

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Virtual Computing has partnered with about four parties to take your practice to the next level. All specialize in the dental industry. We are certified in offering these programs.

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Oasis Dental

Oase Dental is a complete software for any oral care practice, large or small. It was created by a dentist and with the help of other specialists. The program is user-friendly, has a learning system and clear instructions. You don't need a special course to use it. The program provides a clear view of treatment plans.


VisiQuick is a program that works with all x-ray machines, including special equipment such as for in the mouth. This allows you to see and edit images in one place, saving a lot of time. You can use VisiQuick anywhere on your network, locally or online. If you have multiple offices, you can quickly share photos between these places.


Simplex is for all dentists and is used worldwide. With various modules and links, Simplex automates your practice, giving you more time for patients. Simplex allows multiple users to work on a patient chart, you have a comprehensive calendar with various search options to quickly schedule appointments, and it features an integrated word processor that allows you to format layouts of standard letters, emails and prescriptions.


Exquise is a well-known software package within dentistry in the Netherlands. Exquise is used by dental practices for patient management, calendar planning, financial administration and other practice-related issues. It provides dentists and dental professionals with an integrated system to manage practice workflow, track patient data and process financial transactions. The software is designed to increase efficiency and improve the quality of care in dental practices.

Focus on treatment of your patients

You went into dentistry to make a difference in the lives of your patients. But there are days when administrative tasks demand your attention. Virtual Computing is here to bring that balance back. We host the software built to relieve you of repetitive tasks so you can spend more quality time with your patients. From automated reminders to easy billing, we've thought of everything. Let technology work for you so you can do what you love.


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Optimize business processes

A smooth workflow is crucial to the success of your practice. At Virtual Computing, we believe automation is the key to streamlining your business processes. Patients are constantly coming into your practice and you want to provide them with optimal care. You need all the attention you can get. When Virtual Computing hosts the software, you can easily manage patient appointments, automate billing and view real-time inventory updates.

We eliminate repetitive tasks, reduce human error and, most importantly, save valuable time. This means you can spend more time providing the best care, while our software works behind the scenes to keep your practice running efficiently and smoothly. Less administration, more focus on the patient. That's the power of automation at Virtual Computing.

Customized solutions for your company

Our approach focuses on developing personalized software for dentists, designed specifically for the needs and challenges of your practice. From advanced calendar scheduling features that can accommodate different specialists within a group practice, to customized reporting features that provide insight into specific treatment efficiencies and patient satisfaction.


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In addition, we offer integrations with other systems you may already be using in your practice, such as accounting software or digital imaging systems. The goal is to provide not just a software product, but a complete solution that grows and adapts to the needs of your dental practice. By working closely together and holding regular feedback sessions, we ensure that your software continues to meet the highest standards of functionality, ease of use and reliability.

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The future of dentistry is digital and Virtual Computing is ready to guide you through this. Do you have questions about hosting these softwares, would you like to know in detail what we can do for you or would you like to see practice examples? Our team is here to support you. Find out today how we can transform your practice with our advanced solutions.

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