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Looking for an effective software for industry that eliminates duplication of effort? Get in touch with Virtual Computing. Our team provides seamless software integration. With Virtual Computing, the security of your data is always number one, greatly reducing the risk of data breaches. Would you like to learn more about the different software that Virtual Computing offers? Then read on quickly and get informed.

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Optimize your business processes

By actively deploying industrial software, companies streamline and strengthen their processes. Automation takes over routine tasks and reduces the likelihood of human error, allowing teams to focus on value-added tasks. These software tools provide instant insight into production figures, ensure quality and manage inventory more efficiently.

With real-time data analytics, companies are proactively responding to changes and identifying bottlenecks in their processes. So the deployment of software not only transforms how teams perform tasks, but also encourages business leaders to develop and execute more dynamic strategies. A win-win within your organization.

Manage your industrial activities

A good industrial software enables companies to effectively manage their operations. This goes beyond production; it also includes aspects such as inventory management, logistics, sales and customer service. The ability to integrate all these elements into a single system provides companies with a clear overview of their operations. This allows companies to respond quickly to changing market conditions.

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Seamless integration

When you choose software, you want it to work easily with your existing systems. Virtual Computing understands this, which is why we focus on seamless integration. Our software is designed to interface easily with other programs, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing potential disruptions. This allows companies to quickly take advantage of new tools without major modifications. With our solutions, you are assured of smooth and efficient integration into your current workflows.

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ERP: Enterprice resource planning

One of the most effective industrial software solutions is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This is an integrated system that companies use to manage and streamline their internal processes. By bringing together various business functions such as finance, production and inventory management on a single platform, ERP provides unified and centralized data access.


This centralized database promotes consistency and accuracy in information. The system provides real-time reporting, enabling faster and more informed decisions. By automating processes, ERP increases operational efficiency and reduces errors, leading to smooth information flow and collaboration throughout the organization.

What industry software do we offer?


For companies in the construction and engineering industries, we offer MKG. MKG is a software solution designed specifically for smaller metal companies that deal with day-to-day tasks such as answering questions, performing rush jobs, preparing quotes, packing slips and invoices, and managing purchase orders, timekeeping, costing and accounting. With MKG, all of these tasks are integrated into one system, eliminating duplication and keeping order and production records organized. This promotes efficiency and enables companies to best serve their customers, ultimately leading to better performance.


ISAH is another leading software package we offer, designed specifically for the manufacturing industry. With features that help automate manufacturing processes, quality control, inventory management and much more, ISAH helps manufacturers maximize efficiency.

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Every business is unique, and sometimes enterprises have specific software needs that are not offered by default. At Virtual Computing, we are open to feedback and requests from our customers. If there's a program you need or you're looking for a specific functionality, let us know. We are happy to work with you to find or develop the right solution that fits your business requirements perfectly.

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Explore with us the options for the best software for you!

Specialized in digital industries

The digital industry is evolving rapidly, and companies need experts who understand this growth. At Virtual Computing, we specialize in digital industries and are on top of the latest developments. We closely follow the latest trends and technologies and ensure that our software solutions are always up-to-date. Automation, data management or other technology challenges, our team has the expertise to guide you toward the right software. When you choose Virtual Computing, you choose expertise and years of experience in the digital sector.

Virtual Computing: secure and reliable

Protecting data becomes more important every year. At Virtual Computing, we take that responsibility seriously. We provide top-notch security so that our customers' information is always safe. We use strong encryption and perform regular checks to keep our systems secure.

Reliability is our top priority. We ensure that our services always run smoothly and that customers can rely on our software. With Virtual Computing, you can be sure that your data is protected and that our systems are always functioning properly. Contact Virtual Computing and undergo your digital transformation.

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Safety above all else. That is our maxim.

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