Virtual computing may call itself a real gazelle!

Virtual Computing BV has received its first Gazelle. The Financieel Dagblad annually presents the FD Gazellen Awards to the fastest growing companies. To qualify, a company must have achieved 20% growth in the last 3 years and have closed the last year with a profit.


Working smarter without your own ICT department

Gone are the days when your company had to have its own ICT department. As a specialist in business online services for SMEs, we support you with everything you need in terms of ICT.

Through our Online Workspace, you can access your business systems and documents anytime and anywhere. This "working in thecloud" is fast, secure and reliable. Regardless of whether you have a company of 5 or 500 employees.

Innovative ICT solutions for your convenience

Take all your servers, software and Windows and Office licences to the cloud. This way you can access your work environment anytime, anywhere. With Virtual Computing's flexible workplaces, you have:

  • No internal ICT department or staff required
  • No more hassle with energy-hungry servers
  • Excellent, certified security
  • Us as your personal ICT specialist for help in plain language
  • Free 24/7 support

Our products for working online


Microsoft Office 365

Always and everywhere the latest versions.

Microsoft Office 365 on your laptop, tablet and mobile with powerful cloud services such as OneDrive and Microsoft Teams.


Modern and flexible working has never been so easy.


Online Workplace

With an Online Workplace in the cloud, you have access to files from anywhere. All your business software in one place and flexible working wherever you want. At home, at sea, at a customer's? Anything is possible.


If you have a problem, we are here for you. 24/7.

Why choose Virtual Computing?

Your cloud workspace for as little as 30 euros a month

You decide how many workstations you need and only pay for what you need. We transfer all your software and programmes to the cloud for free.

  • No additional costs
  • No recurring investments in equipment, software licences and maintenance
  • All data safe in our own data centre

We set up your online workplace completely with all the business applications and programs you need. In addition, we provide workplace management. So you don't have to worry about software updates and licenses.

  • With Microsoft Office 365
  • Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Sharepoint, Outlook, Publisher and MS Teams
  • Access your mail anywhere
  • Unlimited secure storage
  • Daily backups

With a cloud workplace, you can quickly save a lot on your ICT costs. You no longer need to purchase hardware or software and you no longer pay for long-term ICT contracts. Moreover, you keep an overview, because you can easily add or remove workstations. Online workstations from Virtual Computing make your organisation more flexible.


Telephone exchange in the cloud

Tired of all those cables, lines and ticks? Put your telephone exchange in the cloud and save on recurring investments, depreciation and fixed costs. With Virtual Computing's digital telephone exchange, you can make unlimited calls everywhere at a fixed, low rate. From call centre to call menu, you only pay for what you use.

What customers say about us:


Virtual Computing is at your service

Started with ICT management from Brabant, including Tilburg, Den Bosch and Eindhoven. Meanwhile grown into an international party, with more than 2000 online workplaces under management. For us the most important spearhead remains "The personal approach for you as a customer is central". Curious what we can do for you? Discuss it with our advisor.