What is ICT management

As an ICT administrator, you take care of a company's systems. You are the first contact person in the computer field for that company. As ICT administrator you are mainly concerned with the daily control of the ICT management. You check whether all systems are up to date, perform patches and updates, make backups so that all important information is preserved and ensure the security of all systems.

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Our work

With Virtual Computing you will find an experienced ICT manager. We work with the latest systems and are always up to date. Security of your data is our top priority. We also offer a number of other ICT services. A number of our ICT services are briefly described below.

Working in the cloud

Every progressive company works online. Working online has taken hold and will not go away. Those who are not active online cannot keep up with the competition. By working in the cloud, you make it very easy on yourself. By working in the cloud, you sort all your files in a safe and organized way. The cloud is always close at hand. Because of its virtual operation, you can access your files anywhere and anytime. By the way, you are the only one who has access to the cloud, as it is highly secured. Virtual Computing also facilitates the cloud for your business, if desired. Make it easy on yourself and work in the cloud.


Did you know that telephony is still the number one means of communication for many (large) companies? We focus (rightly or wrongly) more and more on online, but telephony is in no way losing its value. At Virtual Computing we offer fixed telephony and fixed mobile telephony services. These services are a perfect fit if you are looking for a telephone menu or call center for your customers. Guide your customers directly to the desired department with our telephony services.


We can offer so many ICT solutions. Without a good Internet connection, your work is made unnecessarily challenging. With our super fast business fiberglass up to 10 Gbit per second, you can say goodbye to a faltering Internet connection for good. In addition to a fast Internet connection, we offer various web hosting packages that get the most out of your website.

General ICT management

Being offline for a while can have major consequences for your business. By not having your IT management in order, you run considerably more risk of malfunctions. By having your ICT properly managed, your website or service desk is always online and customers are never at a virtual closed door. Virtual Computing also maintains your websites using the latest systems and software.

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Custom solutions

ICT offers so many possibilities. Every company has its own ICT environment. This needs to be managed with care. Take your time for this. Do you simply not have the time due to your busy schedule? Then outsource your ICT and hand it over to professionals.

The benefits of Virtual Computing

Is your business up to date?

IT systems that were received with the stamp of innovation a few years ago are today already caught up with the latest developments. That somewhat marks the world of IT. It is constantly changing and all updates are difficult to keep up with. We have made ICT our expertise and are constantly aware of all new developments within ICT.

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24/7 assured support

Managing an ICT environment professionally is complicated. We are therefore ready to answer all your questions. With our 24/7 support, even outside standard office hours, you are assured of a solution. Problems can arise at any time and we want to be your contact for your ICT management day and night.

Are you already familiar with our Remote Support feature? This way we help you remotely, while still being close by. We can watch your screen from our location. This prevents noise on the line. It allows us to see immediately what is going on and allows our professional support team to act quickly.

24/7 is really 24/7. You can rest assured that all questions about your ICT management will be solved with a clear explanation.

Outsourcing your IT management to Virtual Computing

You stay focused on your main tasks

We are all busy, busier, busiest. As a result, managing an entire ICT environment does not always fit into your job responsibilities. Especially if your company does not have an ICT department. Outsource your ICT management and get back to your main tasks.

Professional security

Our advice is to always leave ICT to professionals. After all, the security of your ICT management requires a lot of attention, it is too important for that. Outsourcing ICT to a professional party gives you more security in a secure environment.


Stay up to date

Outsource your ICT and you will always be up to date with all your systems. The world of ICT never stands still. Keep innovating with your software and systems.


No energy-guzzling servers

We take websites into management which eliminates energy-guzzling servers. Instead, we facilitate an effective server without the hassle.

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