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Superfast fiber up to 10 Gbit per second

Fast Internet, who doesn't want it? As we increasingly work online (and work from home) from different locations, a fast connection is a "must. The quality of your Internet connection determines the quality of your online workspaces. You can choose super-fast business fiber, cable, DSL, 4G/5G, radio waves or a jet connection. With Internet via Virtual Computing, we guarantee that you will be stably online under all conditions.

Connection that suits suits you

We help you find the connection that suits your business, because not everyone uses the Internet in the same way. A company that only mails and surfs demands something different from a business Internet connection, than a multinational company with multiple locations and thousands of employees. Internet via business fiber is available in a wide range of speeds. Fiberglass has a stable connection and achieves high speeds. The speed you need depends in part on the type, number of employees and how you use the Internet.

All you need to know:

The fastest internet connection, when every second counts

Stable and fast corporate networks

Tailor-made Wi-Fi solutions for employees and visitors

Business Internet

Relocating a company while retaining IP addresses

24/7 support from Virtual Computing

Need help? We're here when you need us. Questions about your current internet speed, internet connection or need advice? Then call us at: 0800-8478820. You can always come to us with questions, even outside office hours. Our service employees are always ready to help you.

  • An SLA tailored to your needs
  • Always a qualified employee on the line
  • 24/7 support
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