Super fast business fibre optics up to 10 Gbit per second

Fast internet, who doesn't want that? Now that we are increasingly working online (and at home) from different locations, a fast connection is a must.

The quality of your internet connection determines the quality of your online workspaces. You can opt for superfast business fibre, cable, DSL, 4G/5G, radio waves or a jet connection. With internet via Virtual Computing, we guarantee stable online access under all circumstances.

We help you find the connection that suits your business, because not everyone uses the Internet in the same way.

A company that only mails and surfs the net requires something different from a business Internet connection than a multinational with several locations and thousands of employees.

Internet via business fibre is available in a large number of speeds. Fibre optics has a stable connection and achieves high speeds. The speed you need depends on the type, number of employees and the way you use the internet.


The fastest internet connection, when every second counts

When every millisecond counts, a fast Internet connection is indispensable. Think of police, ambulance and care institutions where every second counts to save lives. There are countless companies and organisations that need ultra-fast internet.

In this case, the Internet requires a radio link. A radio link is a digital radio connection between two dishes that transmits the data signal via electromagnetic waves. Both end points have a transmitter and a receiver.

Ideal for hard-to-reach areas or when speed is a priority. Internet by radio has an uptime of up to 99.98%, no health risks and no interference from other users.

Do you doubt the speed and quality of your business internet connection? Then Virtual Computing can take a close look for you.

Should it be necessary to improve and optimise the connection, Virtual Computing offers a number of solutions, ranging from ADSL, fibre optic or other internet solutions.

Stable and fast corporate networks

If you have several business locations, fast internet via a business network is super efficient. We supply and manage business networks. Depending on your wishes and the type of organisation, we offer you an internet solution via fibre, cable or DSL.

Aftercare and maintenance are also well taken care of. We take care of the complete maintenance of your company network. If you have any questions, you can also contact our helpdesk. 24/7, so also outside office hours.

Relocating a company while retaining IP addresses

If your company moves to another location, you simply keep your IP addresses. Nice and easy.


Tailor-made Wi-Fi solutions for employees and visitors

Is your business Wi-Fi secure and fast enough? As we increasingly work online from multiple locations, the pressure on Wi-Fi networks is increasing.

Visitors to business premises, holiday parks, shopping centres and other places take it for granted that they can get online quickly and log onto the Wi-Fi network.

Virtual Computing offers business Wifi through Access Points. By measuring these Access Points we can precisely map the location and amount of WiFi points needed so that employees and visitors of your company can use your business WiFi network without any worries. Want to test the speed of your business Wifi? Contact us now.

Business Internet

Do you work from a multi-company building with several entrepreneurs under one roof? There is a big chance that Virtual Computing already manages company networks or business internet within this collective business building.

Please call to check or if you have any questions.

Need other internet services? Apart from business internet, you can also come to us for:

  • Calling via internet (hosted telephony)
  • Online workstations
  • Managed Wifi Networks
  • Tailor-made internet services

24/7 support from Virtual Computing

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, even outside office hours.

Our service staff is always ready to help you.

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