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Outsource your system management? Choose carefree ICT for SMEs and always be up-to-date with your IT infrastructure using the latest technologies. The security and continuity of your data are our top priority.

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Worry-free ICT for SMEs .

The world is changing. Hybrid work is commonplace and security is "must," in the complex landscape where cybersecurity is the talk of the day.

As an entrepreneur, you want to do business and not lie awake over data breaches and malfunctioning IT infrastructure and systems, right? Ever thought of outsourcing your ICT business? A professional ICT specialist will get you a lot and give you the space to do what you do best.

So you can count on perfectly functioning IT environments, systems and networks, so that you and your colleagues can move forward undisturbed, wherever you are. And does something go wrong? Then you can count on our personal assistance.

system management

What is system administration?

System administration is setting up, configuring and maintaining all computer systems within your organization. The party responsible for system management is also looked at in case of technical problems. Good system administrators then have to solve the problems so that the IT environment is functioning properly again. System administration includes:

  • Installing software and hardware
  • Perform updates
  • Taking care of computer security
  • Servers maintenance
  • Making Backups
  • Optimize speed
in-house system administrator

Our services

At Virtual Computing, we believe very much in customized solutions. It is for this reason that we offer different services, in order to meet every customer's needs and wishes. Our four main services are cloud solutions (Online Workplace), telephony, internet and security. Our services are further explained below.

Cloud Solutions

Working in the cloud is here to stay. We don't work from the office every day these days. More and more, we seek the flexibility of our workplace. We want to be online everywhere, without restrictions. With a cloud workplace you have access to all your files and business software in the cloud.


Although we are increasingly "online," telephony remains the most direct and fastest means of communication at our disposal. With our fixed and fixed-mobile telephony, we ensure that there can be rapid internal switching between employees within a company. Super convenient to shorten the lines within your company.


Without a fast Internet and the right software, you are always behind the times. In short, fast internet is a must. That's why we at Virtual Computing offer superfast business fiber up to 16Gbit per second. In addition, we guarantee that with our internet you will always be accessible under any circumstances.

Online safety

Online security is at the top of every company's agenda in the IT industry, and rightly so in our opinion. At Virtual Computing, together with our partner OneSec, we do everything we can to keep hackers out. We achieve this by implementing the highest possible security in your website. This way, your files and data are always hidden from unauthorized persons.

No in-house system administrator

Investing in an in-house IT department (or system administrator) is costly and requires a lot from you and your time. Hardware, technology and knowledge quickly fall behind. Just as your computer bought today will be obsolete tomorrow, internal ICT staff or system administrators struggle to stay current. They simply don't keep up. Too much work, not enough time, outdated professional knowledge? The knowledge of the past is no longer the knowledge of today. Reading, training and testing no longer fit into crammed schedules.

ICT systems are too often implemented ad hoc and carelessly, with sometimes nasty consequences: rattling software, implementation errors or malfunctioning connections. Finding solutions and 'extinguishing fires' then costs you oceans of time and money. What a shame!

Custom solutions

At Virtual Computing, we believe that every business deserves well-fitting IT. That's why we make sure IT solutions are optimally aligned with your business processes. For large and small companies. The specialists at Virtual Computing are happy to help you with implementation, optimization and management. From your keyboard to your phone and everything in between.


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Our customers speak

"Especially for the VVV in Alkmaar and surrounding areas, Virtual Computing has set up a cost-efficient cloud and telecom solution. Thanks to this setup, the costs for automation have gone down and by choosing Virtual Computing, VVV Alkmaar also has a better, faster and more stable network than before.

The cloud at the VVV is linked to Exact and the point of sale system, which means that administration, data and cash registers can be worked with at several locations. In addition, the system is linked to the Virtual Telecom solution, making the integration between IT and Telecom complete as well."

VVV North Holland - Marcel Serlier

"For the KNBB, Virtual Computing provided a cost-saving online service combined with Telephony. Through linking, we also included the NDB in this solution making cooperation between both parties possible. Data of the KNBB is only accessible to them themselves, in addition they have the possibility to exchange data via a shared drive between both organizations."

KNBB - Willem La Riviere

"Dental practice Tilburg started a new and modern way of dentistry a few years ago. Due to the rapid growth of the practice, they needed an IT structure that would grow with it. Patient information should be present at all locations and the choice for an online service was obvious. Virtual Computing realized for Tandartspraktijk Tilburg the first Dental online service which even includes support for state-of-the-art 3D X-ray."

Tilburg Dentist Practice - Liedy van Rijswijk

"For GTA in Someren, Virtual Computing built a complex online network. Controlling metalworking robots, Cad/cam in the cloud and a full-fledged Sharepoint setup form the basis of this hybrid online service, which more than 50 people work with daily. Thanks to HA techniques and the Twin Datacenter, GTA can use Virtual Computing's online services 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

GTA - Wilbert Linders

Outsource system administration

Outsourcing your system administration isn't so crazy. Why not today? Make room for your core business and do what you do best. That way you can be sure of well-functioning workstations, the latest technologies, systems and networks and you save on (fixed) costs. Virtual Computing offers you expert knowledge and expertise 24/7 so you can work undisturbed, in the office or in the cloud. Our 24/7 support ensures that you can contact us with all your technical questions, even outside office hours. As an ICT specialist we have expertise and knowledge of the latest hardware and software developments and we are there for both large and small SMEs.

ICT management

The benefits of Virtual Computing

99.9% availability

Thanks to our twin data centres, we offer very high availability


Use the latest techniques and stay innovative

Unlimited Storage

No data limit for storing your company data


Our cloud solutions are fully adaptable to your organisation


Choose the rights structure that fits your organisation

Free 24×7/365 Support

Use our expert 24-hour service desk

My Cloud application

Full control of all your cloud services

Low prices

High-quality cloud services at attractive rates

Pro active maintenance

Chances are your IT environment will be obsolete by next week. Therefore, it must be proactively maintained. For someone without experience and knowledge of IT, this can turn into a day job and that is not the intention. You're probably busy enough with your own work. By outsourcing your system administration to Virtual Computing, your system administration is always up to date and you can focus on your work.

proper functioning

Personalized help, in clear language

Local, international, at home, in the supermarket, in the cloud. ICT is everywhere. Communication technology makes our lives easy. The gigantic choice of platforms, operating systems, applications, networks, infrastructures or workstations does not make it any easier to keep track of it all. Virtual Computing helps you with an appropriate choice and implementation and management of hardware and software, applications, security and maintenance, cloud solutions, infrastructure, workplace management and service and support.

Virtual Computing is happy to help you with system administration

Are you looking for a party to take care of your system management? A party with a lot of experience and knowledge within its own field, the IT sector? Then Virtual Computing is the right company for you. We are happy to discuss all possibilities with you. Get the most out of your system and join Virtual Computing.