Frequently asked questions

Are you interested in an Online Workspace, Microsoft Office 365 or a migration to the Cloud and still have questions? The overview below shows you a list of frequently asked questions.

Online Workplace

Can I also use the Online Workplace from a tablet or smartphone?

Can I install my own application?

Can I change the number of users monthly?

Can I also connect local devices?

Does the storage meet the requirements of the AVG?

Can I run a program in the background?

Can I use my own Office licenses?

How much storage will I get?

How many employees can access the Online Workplace?

Is the workplace available 24x7?

Do I need a VPN?

Office 365

How much storage do I get on Microsoft Office 365?

Do I still need to make a backup of my Office 365 environment?

Where is my data when I use Microsoft Office 365?

What is Microsoft Teams?

Cloud Migration

What do I pay for the migration?

How long does migration to the Cloud take?