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Working online: access anywhere you are

With an online workplace, all your files and business software are in the cloud. This gives you access to your systems from anywhere and allows you to work flexibly. Where and when you want. What about the ICT manager? That is us! At a distance, but always close by.

Log into your personal cloud workspace from your computer, tablet or phone. Convenient, right? You can focus on your work and we'll do the rest in the background, so you're always up-to-date. This way you work safely and efficiently and you don't have to worry about servers, software or licenses. If you run into something and can't figure it out, we are there for you. 24/7.

  • Complete workplace in the cloud
  • Safe and undisturbed working wherever you want to
  • All ICT matters are arranged
  • Your data is safe in our own data centre

Online workspaces for everyone you give access to

Gone are the days of working exclusively in the office. With various cloud products, it is possible to create an online workplace and work wherever you want. This adds to the flexibility of your employees and efficient working has never been easier. Move all your data, software and Windows and Office licenses to the cloud and let your team work where and when they want.

Modern entrepreneurs work online

Modern entrepreneurs are not dependent on a fixed workplace and are not bound by time or place. These entrepreneurs work more efficiently, faster and more productively with a virtual workplace. Thus they save time and money. Unpredictable and recurring ICT investments are a thing of the past with an online work environment.

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Available from

per month


  • Unlimited storage
  • Microsoft Office (word, excel, powerpoint and outlook)
  • MFA authentication
  • Complete backup and antivirus
  • Unlimited support
  • Installation of own software
  • Fast Virtual Desktop


Easy, safe and scalable



What is the difference between an online workplace and Office 365?

With a virtual workplace, you put your entire ICT automation in the cloud. Your business software and applications. With Office 365, only your Office packages such as Excel, Word and Powerpoint run in the cloud.

All your software up to date

A complete digital workplace with all the software you need on a daily basis. Office 365, office automation, specific business software and applications, your mail? You'll find them all in the cloud. Moreover, you always work with the latest software versions (business software, Windows and Office) and your data is backed up daily. A smart online workplace for good reason.


Is working in the cloud safe?

As a professional ICT service and cloud provider, we watch over your online safety. Virtual Computing's protocols and working methods guarantee that your data is protected. So you do not have to worry about security, so you can fully focus on your own 'business'.

Need help with a digital workplace?

Because we work from our own data center, we are ready when needed. In case of problems or malfunctions with your online workplace, a phone call or email to our service desk is sufficient.

Want to know which cloud solution is the best fit for your organization? Call 0800-8478820 or send us an e-mail: info@virtualcomputing.nl. A complete online workplace offers you security. Anytime, anywhere.

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