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Special software for physical therapists makes a physical therapist's daily work much easier. It helps organize appointments, keep track of patient data and plan treatments. That way, as a therapist, you spend less time on administration and more on what really matters: your patients. With the support of Virtual Computing, the balance between technology and care is effortlessly maintained. This makes caring for others even better and more efficient.

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software for physical therapists

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Hosting software for physical therapists

As a physical therapist, you strive to provide the best care to your patients, You don't want to constantly worry about technical issues, and we understand that. Not only do we offer hosting services specifically for the needs of physical therapists, but we also make sure your software runs smoothly and efficiently. With their expertise, you can automate numerous processes, leaving more time and energy for your patients.

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What physio software do we offer?

Virtual Computing has partnered with EPD software, a digital system used in healthcare to store and manage patient information. This electronic patient record takes your practice to the next level. We are certified in offering this system.

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EPD software for physical therapists facilitates digital management of patient data, treatment plans, progress notes, calendar management, billing and financial reporting. Communication with patients and integration with other software is also possible with EPD software. Opting for this electronic patient record saves valuable time and headaches about complex, technical programs. In addition, it is extremely secure, which is important because of the sensitive information physical therapists work with.

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Focus on your own work

For any physical therapist involved in the well-being of their patients, being able to focus on their profession is very important. EHR software plays a crucial role in this. It not only eases the administrative burden, but also ensures that therapists spend less time behind a desk and have more moments for personal interaction and care.

By automating routine tasks, the physical therapist gains more space to truly listen to patient concerns and create a customized treatment plan. With EPD, physical therapists can put their passion for care first while maintaining efficiency.

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Customized solutions for your business

As a physical therapist, you face unique challenges every day that require specific solutions. Standard software packages don't always suffice. That's why we offer customized solutions that fit exactly what your practice needs. We listen to you, delve into the ins and outs of your operations and provide technology that fits perfectly. With Virtual Computing, you get a solution that really works for your business, so you can focus on what you do best: providing care to your patients.

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Secure your patient data

Protecting patient data is not only a legal obligation, but also a matter of trust between healthcare provider and patient. In an era when data breaches are becoming more common, it is essential that physical therapists and other healthcare professionals be extra vigilant.

Securing patient records goes beyond password protection; it also includes encrypting data, regular backups, and applying two-factor authentication. In addition, it is essential to stay abreast of the latest security protocols and attend regular training sessions. Patients trust that their personal and medical data is secure, and that trust should never be betrayed.


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