Fixed-Mobile telephony

Always hassle with forwarding the landline in your office? Or does your day start with missed calls and running through voicemails? With fixed-mobile telephony, your company can be reached anywhere via your fixed telephone number.

Our special SIM card is linked to a regional phone number. A fixed telephone number gives your customers the confidence to reach your company. Also outside opening hours.

As an entrepreneur, you gain in flexibility and convenience. Depending on your situation, you may save a lot of money on external services such as call forwarding. With fixed-mobile telephony, you can always respond to customer queries and win that one last-minute order.

You can have your first Fixed-Mobile telephony SIM card for as little as €20. Each additional SIM card for your team members, linked to the same regional number, costs € 10. For more information, request a quote.

With Fixed-Mobile telephony you get: