Fixed telephony

Looking for a telephone dialer or call center for your customers? Would you like to be able to easily transfer incoming telephone calls? Our telephony packages from isaBEL are advantageous and easy to implement. Curious about the advantages, the different packages and other relevant information? Read on or contact Virtual Computing directly.

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fixed telephony

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Business fixed telephony

Help your customers directly to the right department by setting up a choice menu. Or easily transfer callers internally to the right person. Even if this employee can only be reached by mobile phone at that moment. We also provide the complete digital set-up for a call centre.

A good experience of your company starts with nice and clear contact. Many customers like to call if they can't find all the information on your website. Make it as easy as possible for them, and they will come back to you.

The great advantage of our isaBEL telephony services is that they are managed in the cloud. The interface makes it easy to transfer the caller to internal departments or to mobile numbers. Also, in the corresponding dashboard you can get insights about the duration of calls within your company. This information is extremely useful for training your staff.

The isaBEL services are a collaboration of Virtual Computing and sister company Virtual Telecom.

A business number of isaBEL

Virtual Computing collaborates with its partner isaBEL to provide every company with the best landline telephone solutions. The comprehensive PBX that isaBEL offers is suitable for any business; from sole proprietorship to call center. Our clients all have their own issues when it comes to telephony. Therefore, we have put together three different packages to meet the needs of our clients. You can read information about the packages below.


Our packages

isaBEL Fixed



  • Unlimited calls in Europe
  • Link with mobile number
  • Forwarding
  • Answering services
  • Online dashboard

FROM 34.95

isaBEL Mobile



  • T-Mobile network
  • Unlimited calls in the Netherlands
  • Sim only
  • Available on a monthly basis
  • Also as Data Only for tablets

FROM 13,-

isaBEL Smart



  • Still under development

FROM 29.95

Advantages of a landline phone

Unlimited calling

Voicemail service


Online dashboard

Answering service


Do you want to outsource your telephony?

Are you hesitating to outsource your telephony? Arranging an optimally functioning telephone system yourself is a difficult job. For many companies, outsourcing is an attractive solution. Outsourcing your telephony services ensures that your company is always available to customers, without the burden of direct management and maintenance. This means more time and resources for the growth and innovation of your business.

Virtual Computing is happy to help you!

At Virtual Computing, we specialize in providing telephony solutions that fit your business needs. Our team is committed to working with you to design a service that not only meets your requirements, but also simplifies your business operations. With our modern features, reliable service and 24/7 support, you can count on smooth integration. Let Virtual Computing help you optimize your communication strategy so your employees can focus on what's really important to your business.

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