Microsoft Teams

As we work from home en masse, we seek all kinds of new forms of contact. At a safe distance, that is! Video calling and working in the cloud are commonplace these days. Maybe you have been working with Skype or Zoom from your workplace for years, but are looking for a tool to collaborate even better with colleagues. Are you already familiar with Microsoft Teams?

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is part of Office 365 and the successor to Skype. The use of Microsoft Teams has grown explosively in recent years. And that is not without reason. Teams has everything to keep you working efficiently and productively at home and on the road, without you missing a thing.

With Microsoft Teams you can communicate and collaborate with colleagues from a (safe) distance. Video calls, chatting, giving feedback, sharing documents and much more. Everything is super easy and intuitive. Try it yourself and you won't be able to live without it, really!

Do more with Teams

If you already work with Office 365, you will already have all of the functionalities of Teams at your disposal. And of course, your familiar programmes such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint will work seamlessly together in Teams. Share files with colleagues without sending endless emails back and forth. If you don't have Office 365, you can download and install Teams for free on your computer, tablet, laptop or phone. Here are the most important features:

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Online meetings

Participating in a business meeting from home is easy. Launch Teams and take part. Start an online meeting with colleagues, or join a discussion with one click. That way, you can discuss everything that needs to be done about that important project or and make decisions, just like at the office. With Teams, you will be extremely productive and you won't lose any time. Not even in traffic!


On the start screen, you will find all your team's activities at a glance. You can see, for example, if a team member has been added, if you have missed a phone call or if files have been shared. Never miss a thing? Then turn on notifications.

Online collaboration and file sharing

You can chat with colleagues, make video calls, discuss documents online and make decisions. During the chat, you can easily share files with each other, just like in WhatsApp. Want to give a PowerPoint presentation? You can do that too, just like you are used to. In Teams, you can easily share your screen with colleagues so everyone can watch. Endless emailing back and forth is now a thing of the past. All documents are in a central location in Teams and can be accessed by anyone with access. Colleagues and team members are quickly informed and up-to-date! Fast, efficient and productive, without the endless flow of e-mail.


Because Teams is part of Office 365, your Outlook calendar is also linked. Planning an appointment or meeting? New appointments are also visible in Teams. Teams also works perfectly with your other software. If you're missing a program or app, you can easily add it.


In "Calls", you see a list of people you often keep in touch with. It's easy. You can also easily add contacts and view your call history.


Microsoft Teams is excellent to use when you work together with colleagues on different files. Documents will be saved in Teams, so your team members will always have the latest versions. Teams can also be used when you want to share a document from OneDrive or publish from SharePoint. Because SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive also work perfectly together.

Installing Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a great tool for companies to improve productivity and communication. Teams is not only interesting for project teams that work together for a longer period of time, but also for groups that want to achieve quick results in a short period of time. We hope you'll soon be at home in Teams.

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