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Accessible business systems

Many projects these days are done in groups. Together with some colleagues you work hard on an assignment. A second opinion from your colleague on your part is then welcome. With cloud computing your colleagues can, by just logging in, see all files and, if desired, edit them.

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Our business cloud solutions

Virtual Computing sees and embraces the importance of a business cloud solution. Therefore, we have several cloud services for all kinds of (SME) companies. Are you curious about our cloud services? Below they are listed for you.

Online workplace

Wherever we go these days, work is always nearby. Just quickly forward an e-mail or show a document to a colleague at any time or location. With an Online Workspace you can do this anytime, anywhere, as long as you have access to a working Internet connection. Another advantage of an Online Workspace is the security it guarantees. Your documents are always encrypted, preventing external parties from gaining insight into important and discrete information.

Microsoft Office 365

Consciously or unconsciously, we all work with Microsoft Office 365. After all, did you know that programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook are all part of the Microsoft Office 365 package? By managing this in the cloud, you can make your documents immediately accessible to those who are meant to have them. Saving and emailing documents is a thing of the past. It all goes just a little bit smoother than we are used to.

Workspace 365

Workspace 365 is just a bit more extensive in its functionalities than Microsoft Office 365. With this digital workplace, you get access to various documents, applications, files and other services through a central point. Also in the digital environment of Workspace 365, an employee only needs to log in once before he or she can access all the shared options mentioned above.

Calling via cloud solutions

Telephony is sometimes underemphasized in today's age, where online has really risen to the top. Still, a phone call remains the fastest and most direct communication available. That is why we offer cloud-based calling solutions. A landline phone is no longer necessary. In the cloud, you call a contact via a WiFi connection. This ensures that you enjoy optimal reachability in your online workplace.


A prerequisite of working in the cloud is that you secure everything properly. Cybercriminals are becoming more adept at unraveling passwords. Fortunately, the opposition is also getting smarter, and documents in the cloud remain increasingly secure. However, don't take this lightly and encrypt all documents accurately. Virtual Computing has extensive experience in securing cloud computing and is happy to help you with this.

Cloud hosting

All of the above cloud solutions come together in our latest cloud solution. We have already written a lot about the ultimate accessibility when you work in the cloud. It is the cloud hosting that makes this all possible. Cloud hosting also includes services, such as software as a service, infrastructure as a service and platform as a service.


Customized solutions for SMEs

The possibilities of our cloud solutions are endless. Every company has its own wishes and needs and we like to anticipate these. We therefore do not think in standard solutions but really look for customization. Are you an (SME) company that leaves out telephony completely? No problem, we put the package together especially for you. This way you do not pay for solutions you do not use.

The benefits

Virtual Computing sees and embraces the importance of business cloud computing. Therefore, we have several cloud services for all kinds of (SME) companies. Are you curious about our cloud services? Below they are listed for you.

Experienced ICT partner

In 2006, Virtual Computing was founded by ambitious computer science student Robin Damen. At that time, cloud computing services were still unknown to the majority of companies. Just like cloud computing services, we have also experienced a great development in the past sixteen years.

We have since grown into a full-fledged ICT service provider for small and medium-sized businesses. With seven professionals, we offer our clients flexibility, customization and personal service. Curious about our whole story? Click here and read about us.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements for a migration to the cloud?

Migration to the cloud requires only a good Internet connection.

Where is the data stored?

The data, including backups, is not on your servers but is stored in cloud servers at your cloud provider or data center. Through the Internet, you have access to all your data.

Is working in the cloud safe?

Yes, storing data in the cloud is very secure. Virtual Computing's operating procedures guarantee that your data is protected. Additionally, we provide extra secure cloud computing through our 2-factor authentication. You can always encrypt or password protect your documents.


How much can you store in the cloud?

With your online workspace, you get unlimited data storage options at no additional cost.

How long does a migration to the Cloud take?

A complete migration takes 1 to 2 weeks on average. During this period, we transfer all your company data and software to our cloud service. Most of the time is spent setting up this data and testing your programs. An important factor is the amount of data and software; the more data your company has that needs to be moved to the cloud, the more time we need.

When everything is set up and working properly, the cloud is ready to use within a few hours.

What does a cloud solution cost?

Virtual Computing's cloud solutions are available starting at €29.

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