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Why choose for Owncloud?

99.9% availability

Your data is stored in our twin data centre


Your files are stored on your PC and on owncloud.


Easily share files with your colleagues


60 days backup solution standard on all owncloud packages


If you work with several colleagues we take care of the rights


With Virtual Computing, you don't pay any start-up costs for your services.

Standard 10GB storage

By default you get from us 10GB of storage, this can be expanded to 1TB

24×7/365 Support

Our support is always available in case of an emergency

Can be cancelled monthly

Attractively priced mark-up and monthly cancellations

What is Owncloud 365?

To give you access to your own data anytime, anywhere, we introduce Owncloud. Unlike an online workplace, Owncloud only has your data (and no e-mail or programs) on the Virtual Computing servers. We take care of a daily backup and ensure that the data is protected against burglary. Through the Owncloud client you have access to your files and folders. A local copy of the files is always stored on your computer so that you can work without the Internet.

The Owncloud environment of Virtual Computing is also suitable for use on your mobile devices. You can upload and change files directly from your tablet. You can purchase this service as a separate product or in combination with your online workplace.
This service also allows you to share a file or folder with a colleague or client. By means of a link, he can view your files and, if you allow it, also edit them. You can set these rights yourself via the portal.

The possibilities of Owncloud are endless and are further developed daily by the open source Community.

The best OpenSource Cloud solution

Owncloud is developed by a community of developers. Virtual Computing combines this innovative product with its high-quality data centres and storage. Thanks to this combination, we offer you a cloud solution that meets the highest security requirements and is fully hosted within the Netherlands.

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