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My Cloud Applicatie | Het nieuwe serviceplatform van Virtual Computing

In order to be able to continue to operate as an entrepreneur in the 24-hour economy, you are at all times dependent on your automation. Developments within your company cannot be controlled by office hours. Virtual Computing understands better than anyone that a strategic choice sometimes needs to be quickly supported by your automation. If you feel the need to change your service package, you don’t want to be dependent on a service team. That’s why at Virtual Computing we don’t believe in long contracts, different SLAs and expensive support rates.

With the My Cloud application you have full control over your cloud services with Virtual Computing. The My Cloud app provides all the functionalities you are used to from us in the already existing customer portal. In addition, extra functionalities have been developed in recent months. For example, you can easily and quickly reset a password, activate or deactivate an account and manage one of our other hosting services. All this via your mobile phone. In this way, you always have control over your cloud, wherever you are. The My Cloud application can be used with both iOS and Android.

Download hier de applicatie


My cloud applicatie
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