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Together with the sister company Virtual Telecom, Virtual Computing has developed the product isaBEL. This very extensive telephone exchange offers entrepreneurs a high degree of flexibility. At isaBEL, you no longer pay by number, line or tap. You pay a fixed low monthly rate for an all-in-one product.

It is also possible to connect to your central Virtual Computing SIM cards. You can also answer your fixed calls on the go. You pay 10 euros per SIM card. Hosted VoIP is a product in which you pay afterwards for the use of your PBX. You only pay for the minutes you actually call. For more information, please visit

isaBEL Vast

  • Onbeperkt bellen in Europa
  • Koppeling met mobiel nummer
  • Doorschakelingen
  • Antwoordservices
  • Online dashboard



isaBEL Mobiel

  • T-Mobile netwerk
  • Onbeperkt bellen in Nederland
  • Sim only
  • Maandelijks opzegbaar
  • Ook als Data Only voor tablets



isaBEL Smart

  • Coming soon
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