Meet our team

Below you can see us, the crew of Virtual Computing.

No doubt you have spoken to one or more of us by e-mail or telephone. Now you can finally put a face to the name and know who can help you with specific questions. That is very convenient.

If you still have a question, please contact us. We are at your service.

employee virtual computing

Robin Damen - Owner

As the owner of Virtual Computing, I am involved in product development, project management and sales.

employee virtual computing

Mohammad Moghtader, MSc. - Chief Technology Officer

Together with Robin, I am involved in sales, project management and deliveries. I am also a partner of Virtual Computing.

employee virtual computing

Theo Damen - Senior Engineer & CISO

With over 30 years of experience in the IT sector, you could say that I know quite a bit about complex systems. At Virtual Computing, I maintain the network. I am also responsible for quality management, such as ISO and NEN.

Direnc Mayy team

Direnc May - Teamleader Service Desk

I manage the support team. Together, we help our customers with problems they may encounter during their daily work. In addition, I support and improve our service through daily internal checks.

employee virtual computing

Rico Hendrikx - Support Engineer

For complex IT issues, you come to me. For our Telecom customers, I am the first contact for questions or malfunctions.

Mohammed Jawish team

Mohammed Jawish - Support Engineer

You will find me mainly at the service desk. During the implementation of projects, I sometimes work at the customer's location.

Nick Honings team

Nick Honings - Junior Security Engineer

As a Junior Security Engineer, I work on the security of our services.

Patrick Seijkens - Administration

All financial matters of Virtual Computing are handled through me. I am responsible for the administration of purchase and sale of our products.