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Virtual Computing was founded in 2006 by Robin Damen who was a Computer Science student at the time. With the help of Starterslift, as a young entrepreneur, he had the opportunity to start his own business in addition to his studies. Robin started with the development of workplace hosting, a service in which companies can easily and quickly organize their ICT affairs.

In 2006, cloud computing services were still in the early stages. This form of IT support was relatively unknown to most companies, but has since developed immensely. Virtual Computing was one of the pioneers in the field of workplace hosting and cloud computing. During his first years at the company, Robin Damen gained a lot of experience at larger organizations where Terminal Server and Virtualization were used. At the end of 2007, Virtual Computing was nominated for the Shell Young Business award and was placed 7th, an achievement of which Virtual Computing is proud and which has generated a lot of publicity.

How we work

Virtual Computing has grown into a fully-fledged ICT service provider for small and medium-sized enterprises. With a team of 7 motivated professionals, the company offers its clients daily customization, flexibility and personal service.

In developing its services, Virtual Computing always opts for an honest and transparent working method and clear communication with the customer. Every organization is different and therefore the company offers every customer a suitable solution. The customer is king. Virtual Computing likes to charge competitive, fair rates and provides the customer with insight into the actual IT costs.

Virtual Computing has had a second data centre location in Eindhoven since 2012. This datacenter guarantees the customer a secure twin data center that is hosted entirely within the Netherlands. Since 2015, Virtual Computing also offers a service in Hong Kong for international customers, enabling them to work even better with branches in Asia.

In 2016, Virtual Computing will focus on further development and improvement, including the start of the ISO 9001 project and the certification for working in accordance with the NEN 2710 data storage in the healthcare sector. In addition, Virtual Computing introduced its extensive customer portal in which customers can also manage the online workplace themselves.

We now manage more than 2,000 end users around the world. With over 300 end customers, we are still growing every year. For us, the most important spearhead remains "The personal approach for you as a customer is central".

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